Hi, we’re Katie & Jess!

With over 10 years of experience in building brands, we know that the most effective way to get outstanding results for you is to get to know you. We don't want to build another boring brand or “fine” website, it does nothing for us, and it does nothing for you. We want to know what lights you up, the things you really care about, and the reasons behind your journey, so that we can knock it out of the park and get you to where you deserve to be. We uncover what makes you unique – the magic that makes your business shine. Then, we showcase it in a way that not only captures the attention of the right audience but also has them shouting your name from the rooftops.

Your Partners

Jess Dyroff

The Brightside
Loves: sunshine, hiking, and being thoughtful.

A passionate designer on a mission to create cohesive and dynamic brand experiences. Strategically driven with experience in brand systems, packaging, product merchandising, UX/UI design and marketing for both print and digital with B2C and B2B clients. She believes in the power of effective brand experience combined with high-quality aesthetics is built on research and collaboration.

Katie Koch

The Darkside
Loves: true crime, black cats, and dark humor.

An influential creative leader who specializes in end-to-end strategic thinking. Her experience in writing, editorial direction, creative strategy, product development, and sales has spanned projects from gifts, greeting cards, trade shows, non-profit, new business pitches, live television broadcasts, and more. She believes in the power of storytelling and using words to help connect and inspire change.