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How we work

We go beyond design to discover what moves you. Our mission is to cultivate curiosity by digging deeper into why your business exists. Through our intensive process, we uncover your magic and infuse your brand with it, so you can uniquely stand out and embrace the spotlight you so rightfully deserve. We'll design a brand experience that is memorable and recognizable—one that clearly conveys your message and builds trust and connection with your target audience. The end goal? To stand proudly in your confidence with a business and brand rooted in purpose and unwavering authenticity.

Our Flow


The Fit Call

This 15–30 minute call allows everyone to feel out the vibe. You tell us about what you’re looking to do, we fill you in on our process & expertise. No commitments, just potential.
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The Glow Up

Every project at Brightside begins with our Glow Up:
a two-hour dive-deep interview that lets us identify the goals of your business, your mission, and all the magical stuff that makes you shine in order for us to discover your true target audience and personalized brand. 

From there, you will receive a written Glow Up Plan that uncovers all the incredible branding potential and step-by-step opportunities of how to get there. You can either implement the Glow Up Plan on your own or we can work together to bring the vision to life with one of our tailored packages.


This cost gets applied to any Brand Package moving forward.


Time to Shine

Based on what we uncover in your Glow Up, we will recommend one of the packages below that best suits your needs, goals, and dreams. Deliverables will be customized for each client, but can include visual branding, website design, copywriting, creative direction, content calendar setup, and more. We work in a fast-paced, intensive model, delivering on your project in days, not months, so you reach your goals faster.
Brightside Creative Sunny Start Brand Package

Sunny Start

Make big things happen without an all-in brand overhaul. Usually for newer businesses who need help getting started or established businesses who need project-based help like a brand kit or refreshed website copy.
*Cost of Glow Up is applied to this.
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Brightside Creative The Supernova Brand Package

The Supernova

  • Ready to really turn some heads with your brand? This is a fully supported, deluxe experience that gives you everything you need to take your vision to new heights and make your mission thrive. This package may include full brand identity system and visual brand kit, extensive brand voice or creative editorial support, a more complex website, new photography assets, and other custom solutions based on  Glow Up.
Starting at
*Cost of Glow Up is applied to this.
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